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  1. Big Week / Weekend for Local Search Updates!

    If you do SEO, digital marketing, or anything remotely close to marketing, you’ll want to pay close attention to these local happenings that took place over the last few days.

    Google’s “Pigeon” update: Google Launches New Local Search Algorithm: SEOs Notice Significant Ranking Changes via Barry Schwartz. Businesses should be paying even closer attention to their local directory / website profiles. Analyze consistency, accuracy, and freshness. Have you noticed any up or down swings in your Google Analytics?

    Yelp Trends (their new data tool). The tool lets you discover 10 years of consumer trends based on Yelp reviews in over 20 countries. This tool has obvious benefits and should help marketers / business owners out tremendously.

  2. Machado looks up to A-Rod. Throws bat at opposing player. Coincidence?

  3. #mktgtalk: Big marketing brains for your worst marketing pains

    Join Mainstreethost every Wednesday afternoon for #mktgtalk. Each week, we’ll talk everything from SEO to inbound marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, and more.

    Follow this link for chat details.

  4. The Heartbleed Checklist: What passwords should you change?

    You’ve heard of Heartbleed by now, but do you know which sites have been affected by the bug? See who’s been affected, whether or not they patched their servers, and if it’s safe to change your password.

    Click this link for a larger image.

    The Heartbleed Checklist
    Infographic courtesy of IVPN and
  5. New Version of Facebook Business Pages on the Way

    There’s a new version of Facebook Business Pages on the way. Embrace yourselves.

  6. Inbound Marketing: what it is, what you need to do it, and why you should care

    Updated on 2/26/2014 at 7:01 PM.

    Have you heard and/or wondered about inbound marketing? Thinking about applying it to your business? I’m going to say yes if you’re reading this post.There’s a reason businesses are continuing to implement inbound, and the technology supporting and advancing it is impressive to say the least. Inbound marketing is smart marketing. I’m going to attempt to explain what it is and why you should care about it as straightforward of a post as possible.

    Quick background: I’m an inbound marketing manager at Mainstreethost in Amherst, NY (just outside of Buffalo). I’ve been doing digital marketing for roughly 7 and a half years. I’ve witnesses firsthand what inbound marketing can do.

    So, what is inbound marketing and what do you need to do it effectively?

    Inbound marketing is typically made up of the following: persona development, content strategy, marketing, calls-to-action, landing pages, lead generation, lead nurturing, and sales (various other marketing efforts can enhance your inbound marketing efforts). If you’re not sure what any of this stuff is, HubSpot created The Ultimate Inbound Marketing Glossary to get you started.

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