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  1. Buffalo Blizzard of 2014

    Here’s a short video clip taken from my front porch earlier today. Yikes!

  2. Jeopardy Fail: Holland Tunnel, NYC / New Jersey

    After Rachel gives the wrong answer, Jerry buzzes in and gives the same wrong answer. Rookies.

  3. nprfreshair:

Yikesy tree houses via flickr



    Yikesy tree houses via flickr


  4. Buffalo Artist Featured in Pizza Box Artwork Book

    My coworker and friend Michael Biondo had his artwork featured in a book by Scott Wiener.

    Here’s a link to purchase the book and a couple of other mentions in major publications.

    Purchase Viva la Pizza!: The Art of the Pizza Box on Amazon

    The art of the pizza box

    Travel the World a Pizzeria at a Time

    He was recently interviewed by a Buffalo television station. Check out the video:

  5. Go Bills!!

    Go Bills!!

  6. Buffalo’s first significant snowfall of 2013